Hourahan Consulting, LLC

As an engineering professional with four decades in the industry sectors of:

  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR),
  • energy conservation, and
  • building science,

I offer consulting services to equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, equipment distributors, contracting firms, industry associations, Federal and State agencies, utilities, research organizations, and others.

Consulting activities include:

  • Engineering support (e.g., refrigeration issues, equipment selection, equipment application, technology evaluation).
  • Technical texts (e.g., create / update / review standards, manuals, technical notes, guides, training materials, articles).
  • Committee representation / participation (e.g., company-, industry-, association-related).
  • Business management support (e.g., research initiatives, strategic planning, meetings & conferences).
  • Partnering and establishing collaborations.

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